Chris Breier's Color Mixing Course

Learn practical, real world color mixing from a color expert who has appeared on BuzzFeed and NowThis.

In this course, I use acrylics for the color mixing demos but I use these same techniques when I paint with oils, gouache, and watercolor. The course contains approximately 60 minutes of video and I edited it down to the essentials so there's no boring parts or wasted time.

I cover the common problems that beginners encounter when learning how to mix colors. For example, I explain the difference between Phthalo Blue and Ultramarine Blue. This chapter includes a color matching demo where I match the color of celery twice-once using Ultramarine Blue and a second time using Phthalo Blue.

Acrylics tend to dry darker and I also include a demonstration on how I compensate for this.


  • You can watch the course as many times as you like, it never expires!
  • I cover all of the supplies and the colors that I use.
  • You can use student grade paints or professional. I use both in the course to show that they both work.
  • I use acrylics for the demos, but I also use the same techniques when I paint with oils and gouche.

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  • For Beginners and Advanced Painters

    The exercises start out easy and become more complex as you progress. You can use student acrylics or professional acrylics.

  • Save Time

    Save time by not having to learn through trial and error. I know what all of the color mixing pitfalls are and how to avoid them. This course is solely focused on color mixing and how pigments interact when you mix them.

  • Color Mixing That Actually Works

    These are the same color mixing techniques and strategies that I use in the videos that I post to social media. I've used them to match the colors of hundreds of objects.

  • Over 60 Minutes of Video

    This course is approximately 60 minutes long. I've included a color mixing cheat sheet and my acrylic color mixing chart as downloadable PDFs.


"As a person that has struggled with color theory all my life, I am so glad I found Chris and this course.  This was a fantastic change of pace on how to teach the art of color mixing.  No complex vocabulary or hard to understand concepts.  Just practical tips and tricks and easy to follow instructions with a smattering of art terms when they help demonstrate the concept."

David Voorhies


5 star rating

Straight to the Point

Ali Chouchane

Every single course is excellent, straight to the point and very informative.

Every single course is excellent, straight to the point and very informative.

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Course curriculum

    1. Introduction

    1. Acrylic Paints

    2. Recommended Colors

    3. Brushes & Palette Knives

    4. Palettes & Palette Paper

    1. Color Mixing Charts

    1. Light Blue Permanent

    2. Medium Magenta

    3. Brilliant Purple

    4. Light Portrait Pink

    5. Light Green Permanent

    1. Hooker's Green

    2. Burnt Sienna

    3. Raw Sienna

    4. Black And Neutral Gray 5

    1. Turquoise, Ultramarine Blue

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